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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health and wellness. With every client, I  start with a detailed initial comprehensive assessment focused on your health history, current symptoms and lifestyle patterns. My whole-body approach focuses on nutritional education and lifestyle factors like sleep hygiene, stress management, movement, toxin reduction and mindset. It all matters! Each wellness plan is tailored to your unique health goals.  


I provide ongoing support through follow up appointments and messaging through the Practice Better app and email. We will work together and shift wellness plans as needed, recognizing that health  is not always linear. I’m committed to helping you find the best approach to reaching your goals, and making that journey enjoyable and empowering along the way. 


-Learn how to fuel and nourish your body through functional nutrition 

-Create realistic, healthy habits and routines 

-Balance your blood sugar 

-Improve energy levels and digestion 

-Manage a chronic health or autoimmune condition with lifestyle modification 

- Achieve and sustain weight loss goals 

-Cultivate a supportive mindset when it comes to your health 

-Adopt wellness practices for health optimization and disease prevention 

-Stay accountable for all of your health goals and aspirations 


No quick fixes, crash diets or medical advice / diagnoses.

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