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Heath Inspired Gift Ideas-
Happy Holidays!

Anytime I give a gift to the people I care about, I have their health in mind.  I created a health inspired holiday gift guide to hopefully help you do the same this season.

Image by Annie Spratt


Fontana non-toxic candles

My favorite non-toxic candles, made with beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils. They’re made safe certified, meaning they’re free of any toxins that may compromise human or animal health. I love all of the the holiday scents.

Vitruvi essential oil diffuser 

Another safe way to scent your home. This diffuser is so beautiful, doubling as a decorative piece. Pair with some essential oils of choice. 

A plant + a soil moisture meter 

Plants are one of the best air purifiers and decorations for any home. I know many of us struggle to keep them alive, so I always gift a snake plant and throw in this this soil moisture meter for some extra support.

Air doctor 

According to the EPA, levels of indoor air pollutants are 2-5 x higher than outdoor. We use this air purifier in our bedroom to decrease viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, odors and make sure the air is always circulating. Bonus that it contains both an UltraHEPA and carbon filter.


Water filters- Aqua Tru or Berkey

Clean, filtered water is so important for our health. Personally, I think a water filter that removes the heavy metals, fluoride, herbicides and other toxicants found in our water supply is worth every penny. These two countertop filters are quality options are much more affordable than a whole house system.


Taking off shoes in our homes has been found to significantly indoor air quality and reduce toxin exposure, so slippers are a must. I used to splurge on UGGs, but then I found this brand that is half the price and just as good of quality.

Organic sheets and bedding

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so I consider non-toxic bedding one of the more important priorities in our homes. Bedding is the easiest, most affordable place to start.  Both West Elm and Target  have some great options.

Sage Refill Market 

I try to support local whenever possible.  My friends at Sage Refill Market have the most inspiring, eco-friendly, and non-toxic gift options. I get most of my home and kitchen cleaning items here and think they all make great gifts. Check out their gift page for all kinds of inspiration.  


Beautycounter Bright Side Duo

Two of my favorite clean skincare products- Beautycounter’s all bright C serum and Overnight resurfacing peel. This duo is perfect for brightening and evening skin tone.


Henry Rose clean perfume

I gave up wearing perfume when I switched to clean beauty to avoid the synthetic fragrances. I found this transparent perfume brand a year ago and it is the best. My favorite scent is Jake’s House. 

Beautycounter men’s line

The charcoal body bar, facial scrub, and oil free face lotion are my go-tos for the men in my life. It’s something they’ll never buy for themselves, and it’s important that they use safer products too! 

Primally Pure dry brush  + Beautycounter's luminous hydration body oil

Dry brushing has a long-standing list of benefits including improved circulation, detoxification through lymphatic drainage, smoothed and exfoliated skin. Dry brush before your shower, begin at your feet and brush upwards with gentle short strokes. Shower and finish by applying a body oil. This is the best spa like self-care routine at home. 

Use “Amelia” for 20% off Primally Pure

Necessaire holiday body collection 

My mom asks for Bath and Body Works every year, so I’m swapping it out for this set to avoid the endocrine disrupting chemical and synthetic fragrances. This set is an amazing gift as-is or great to break it up and spread the love.

Radiant Life bath dechlorinator + some clean bath oils 

Elevate a bath routine with this bath dechlorinator, which removes all of the chlorine in the bath water, paired with Beautycounter’s holiday bath oil trio. 

Beautycounter’s No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil 

This is the product that got me hooked on Beautycounter years ago. It’s the best facial oil to use in the morning to support hydration and a little extra glow.  Formulated with only safe and beneficial ingredients like vitamin c, black currant oil and avocado oil.​

Dazzle Dry starter set 

Long wear non-toxic nail polish. This feels like a gel mani and never chips. You need the whole system- trust me it's worth the investment as it saves tons of $$ at the salon in the long run. 

Ilia Beauty Skin Tint

Another one of my favorite clean beauty brands. I use this on the daily for some light coverage, hydration and SPF.

Honest Baby Arrival Set

I love gifting this to new moms for all the essential must-haves for baby and parents. 


Sweet Laurel Bakery cookbooks

Two of my favorite cookbooks for delicious, healthful, grain-free recipes. Choose from her sweet and savory books, or go with both! 


Purity Coffee

Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides, so this organic, sustainable, mycotoxin free coffee is the perfect gift for a coffee lover. Pair with a few cute mugs or any other coffee accessary. 

Use Amelia for 20% off + free ship 


Nespresso milk frother

I use this every morning to make a delish matcha or coffee latte. It warms and froths my almond milk, collagen protein and cinnamon perfectly.

Dry Farms Wine

The best, clean wine I’ve ever tried that never leaves me with a headache. It’s lab tested to ensure that every bottle is organic/biodynamic, lower alcohol (less than 12.5%), low sulfites (less than 75ppm), vegan, sugar-free (<1g/L) and free of toxic additives. 

Thrive Market or Costco yearly membership 

I ask for both of these memberships every year. They save me so much money annually when it comes to stocking healthy pantry staples.

Caraway non-toxic pans and bakeware

Whatever chemicals are used in our cookware (like teflon), we are ingesting through our food. I love this beautiful ceramic coated set by Caraway, all free of toxic chemicals.

Glass tupperware set 

Another more practical gift, but one of the more important ones! Storing and especially heating your foods in plastic causes disruptive chemicals to leach into food. Switching to glass is a much safer option.

Pique Tea  

A delicious and high quality product for a tea lover. I love that this brand is tested and free of heavy metals. I’ve been drinking their matcha for months and also think the tea sampler box would be an amazing gift option. 


Vitamix blender 

One of my most used kitchen items. A necessity for smoothies, soups, frothy coffees, dressings, sauces, etc. I went with a refurbished one for a more affordable option.


Yeti cooler 

When it comes to road trips, game days, beach or pool days, I’m always recommending that my clients pack some of their own healthy food options. A nice cooler, that is easy to transport,  makes this much more realistic.


Kids blender set

The cutest thing I’ve ever seen-start them in the kitchen early!

Quality olive oil

Can’t go wrong with this gift for anyone in your life who loves to cook. Look for organic and cold-pressed in a glass bottle. Pair with some Hu Kitchen chocolate, Dry Farms Wine or a cute tea towel.

Sound Sparkling Water and Tea 

I'm obsessed with this sparkling water and tea. Unsweetened and flavored with organic tea and botanicals, you get all the flavor without the spikes and crashes. I love this sampler + the rose tea with lime and cardamom is the best for holiday mocktails. 

Use Amelia for 20% off your order. 


Bala Bangles 

Wrist and ankle weights only make them chic. I wear these for all of my at home workouts, on walks or even when running errands.

Melissa Wood Health yearly subscription 

The gift of movement and meditation. The MWH app is full of guided meditations and quick pilates/yoga fusion workouts you can do from anywhere. This annual subscription is perfect for busy women trying to fit it all in.

Hydroflask watter bottle 

This is one of the most practical gifts that everybody needs. I use my hydroflask every single day. Add some LMNT sugar-free electrolytes to make it a little more fun.

Lululemon fanny pack 

I love this minimal, unisex fanny pack for hands-free hiking and walks. I also like this version for running!

Diadora running shoes

I discovered this running shoe brand a year ago and have not strayed since. As someone whose on their feet all day, with a history of knee and foot problems, I’m super particular about support and quality- I love these!


Free People sports bras  

When you have cute and comfortable workout clothes, the likelihood you’re going to make it to the gym is just higher. I’ve been loving these and these lately.​


ABW Health Coaching Comprehensive

Give the gift of health with my one time health coaching consultation. The perfect gift for someone who needs a little support and accountability to jumpstart new wellness routines. Contact me here with interest on purchasing. 


The Daily Stoic 

One of my favorite books. It’s the perfect addition to a reflective, morning routine. The daily messages always seem to be exactly what I need.  


Infrared sauna package 

There are tons of reasons to use infrared saunas, including benefits for metabolism, decreased inflammation and detoxification. Personally, 45 min to myself in a steaming, hot box is the ultimate form of self care. If you live in Nashville, check out Pure Sweat and Float. If you really want to splurge, check out this brand. This is on my wishlist. 


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum 

One of my best friends recommended this course to me when I first got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a few years ago. Developing a mindfulness practice and learning to effectively manage stress is the one of the most important things I’ve ever done for my health. I believe this course is the best investment for anyone’s time and money. I did it in person, but found this online version starting in February 2022.

Avocado meditation pillow         

When it comes to cultivating a meditation practice or morning routine, a calming space is so important.​ Something as simple as a meditation pillow can really inspire momentum and consistency. 

Happy Hour Nash group offerings

If you live in Nashville and are looking to deep dive into personal growth topics, connect with your local community, and focus on your overall wellness, the groups and workshops at the Happy Hour Nash are right up your alley. I love gifting experiences, and think these upcoming offerings make a great gift for anyone local to Nashville. 


Food What the Heck Should I Eat by Mark Hyman

One of the best books on nutrition that I've read to date.  Dr. Hyman provides a comprehensive guide on nutrition with myth busting insights, easy-to- understand science and delicious, wholesome recipes. I'm constantly referring to and recommending this book. 

Kelly Leveque's Fab 4 Courses 

Valuable courses are one of my favorite gifts. I've taken half of these courses and would recommend them to anyone. Kelly makes nutrition information for pregnant moms, kids under 4, and adults accessible and easy to understand. 


-Beautycounter wash and go minis 

-Beautycounter mini lip glosses

-Tongue scraper

-Primally Pure lip balms - use Amelia for 10% off 

-Hu kitchen chocolate

-Evolved chocolate 

-A quality probiotic 

-Boka non-toxic toothpaste

-Beautybyearth self tanner

-Pact organic cozy socks

-Be Well by Kelly seasonings

-Travel milk frother

-Saie Beauty mini makeup best sellers 

-Beautycounter deodorant (for her)

-Primally Pure charcoal deodorant (for him) - use Amelia for 10% off

-Beautycounter mini SPF

-A quality multivitamin 

-Everyone hand sanitizer 

Wishing you all a healthful and happy holiday season! Check out my recent blog post with my friends at Drink Sound for holiday inspired nutrition focused tips, swaps and recipes. xx

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