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An autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system can’t tell the difference between your body’s healthy cells and a foreign invader (like a virus, parasite or bacteria), and it wrongly attacks healthy bodily tissue. This leads to systemic inflammation and a spectrum of symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, digestive issues, hair loss and unexplained weight loss or gain. Getting an official diagnosis can be difficult because symptoms are often non-specific and don’t fit a predictable, regular pattern.

50 million Americans (and rising) currently have an autoimmune disease. While they may be chronic, this doesn’t mean that symptoms can’t be alleviated, and quality of life improved. Studies indicate that 70% of all autoimmune diseases result from lifestyle factors like nutrition, exposure to toxins, infections, stress, poor sleep quality, gut dysbiosis and more. When I learned this while researching my own autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I felt hopeful. If we have control over a majority of our disease process, that means we hold the power to improve health outcomes by taking a whole-body approach. This is where I come in. 



I work with clients to address the necessary lifestyle changes to decrease internal inflammation. I provide education on meal planning, resources and recipes that aid in restoring gut health. I help clients identify food sensitivities and triggers while simultaneously incorporating nutrient-dense, healing foods.  We’ll also focus on strategies to: 

  • Improve sleep quality and hygiene 

  • Manage stress and mindset

  • Promote regular and intentional exercise

  • Reduce environmental toxin exposure

  • Become your own health advocate when communicating with medical practitioners 


While I’m highlighting the value of these practices in managing autoimmune diseases, I want to emphasize that adopting strategies that prioritize health is something that anyone can benefit from.


I welcome any client whether you've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or not.

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