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"Getting started was the hardest thing to do! First, let me start by saying I’ve known Amelia for years, she’s a very good human and a sweet friend to my daughter. Second, that did not make it easier to call her for help, but I’m so proud I finally got over myself and took that step. My son, also like Amelia, has an autoimmune condition. It ruled our lives for years. It took so long to get a diagnosis, find treatment, and throw everything we had at his disease that I entirely lost myself in that process. Amelia helped me get back. Calling her meant I had to make myself a priority. I hadn’t yet realized until we were talking during our first session about “giving ourselves a seat at the table” that I had didn’t even have a seat, or a cup, or a fork. That is where we started to work. And I feel so grateful for her patience and calm steady influence. She was with me as these painful realizations gave way to better living and better health. Of course, we worked on diet, exercise, sleep patterns and putting down my wine glass during our sessions, but it was her grace that helped me make myself “here” again. All those life choices matter so much, but your self worth has to be as well to even begin. She gave me comfort that allowed me to forgive myself for getting lost and healed my spirit. Her sense of purpose along with her knowledge gave me assurance, awareness, and a way forward. Her steadfast belief pushed me along. I am so grateful. I feel so good to be myself. Thank you Amelia Jean"

-Chaumarie, age 51


"Amelia is a breath of fresh air to work with around nutrition and wellness! She has an abundance of knowledge and is one of the most encouraging practitioners I have ever worked with. In addition to providing me with protocols tailored to my specific needs, Amelia introduced me to concepts like mindset and habit stacking, which not only helped me with my autoimmunity needs, but also in other areas of my life, such as with work and relationships. Amelia does not push or even suggest stereotypical dieting practices, which came as a welcomed surprise to me! I have seen such big improvements in my overall physical and emotional health over the past few months. I am so grateful for Amelia's guidance and that I leave our sessions feeling educated and empowered every single time."

-Emily, age 35


"I have been working with Amelia  for over a year now.  In my lifetime, I have struggled with weight and self esteem and health, both physical and mental.  The ups and downs of weight loss and gain, followed by the explanations of "genetics", age and willpower got to be overwhelming.  And it was a cycle of feeling good about myself and feeling empowered, followed by feeling bad about myself, worthless and weak.  I mean, why else could I not get a hold of my weight and my health?  Right?  Well, over the last year, I have not only begun to feel empowered, but also successful!  The success has come from Amelia's no nonsense approach to teaching me to have a very healthy relationship with food.  It is no longer all or nothing.  It is no longer "good food" vs. "bad food".  She has simply empowered me with the tools to make smart decisions around food.  The first session with her was a shopping spree at Whole Foods.  I immediately loved her warm and approachable personality.  She walked the store with me, taught me how to read labels clearly, looking for the most healthy options, finding hidden sugars and pointing out some of her favorite healthy choices.  Her words still ring in my ears when I am grocery shopping.  That first day, I remember thinking that she was the picture of health, and that is how I wanted to feel.  Interestingly enough, she had struggled with some of her own health issues, which she shared with me.  And, I remember thinking that if she can overcome some of those things, I can overcome too.  I can honestly say, one year later, that I am in such a better place nutritionally, physically and mentally.  Each session with Amelia has motivated me to do even better myself...and to feel more empowered around food and physical activity.  I used to hate cardio.  I now do cardio every single day. I make very smart food choices. I have found healthy choices that taste delicious and that make me feel more than satisfied.  She has given me recipes, tips for time management, motivation, self awareness, an empowered mind around food, the knowledge that it is never too late to do things differently, and so much more!  These gifts that she has given to me were definitely worth the financial investment!  So often, I think people think of this type of service as a luxury.  But, had I not met Amelia, I can tell you that I would not be nearly as healthy in my body or mind as I am today.  And, THAT would have cost me much more money in medical bills and counseling sessions! She is worth every penny and then some, and I am grateful to have her as my nutritional coach/counselor and as a friend!"

-Susan, age 58


"I started working with Amelia after receiving a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hearing my doctor say I had to eat an anti-inflammatory diet for my symptoms to improve. This felt daunting for me and I knew that I needed extra support! I had tried countless nutrition plans but nothing seemed to help me feel better physically, and certainly not mentally! In addition to caring for an autoimmune disease, my end goal for working on my health was to get pregnant. Amelia provided me with practical and doable solutions. She kept the process positive and holistic, but it truly never felt out of reach or impossible to make better choices or to live a normal life! Eventually I was able to conceive, and while food aversions and cravings certainly had their place in pregnancy, the strategies and ideas Amelia provided me with throughout our year+ of working together laid a solid foundation that I have leaned on to help me navigate eating for two, keeping autoimmune symptoms at bay, and maintaining healthy glucose levels, preventing gestational diabetes! I feel prepared going into postpartum and hopefully breastfeeding with the knowledge of how my body best responds to nutrition and how I can continue to support my recovery."

-Katie, age 35


“For someone that has struggled with “health” and “diet” my entire life, Amelia was a Godsend. She taught me how to eat balanced, while not depriving myself, and taught me the art of listening to my body. My favorite thing that Amelia has done for me, besides holding me accountable in the most unintrusive, loving, and healthy way, has been showing me how to properly look at labels in grocery stores. She actually took me grocery shopping with her and showed me how to look at labels and showed me some of her favorite cleaner brands and what she looks for. That in-person interaction is what has stuck with me most. Now a days in this world we live in, things can be marketed as “organic” or “green” or “healthy” just to catch your eye and your money but then you read the label and it is truly so bad for you. Amelia has taught me not to be fooled and how to choose things wisely. Just with that new knowledge, I have made such a difference in my lifestyle and health and feel so much better, less bloated, and have more energy. She’s my go to for any questions. She’s the best of both worlds coming from a knowledge and schooling of medicine, with  a passion for natural healing. She’s just incredible and I am so lucky she landed in my life and is sharing her knowledge with me and the world.”

-Savanah, age 30


"Working with Amelia has been amazing. Unlike many medical professionals, Amelia worked to truly get to know me as a human, not just my health issues. I felt heard, validated, and respected the entire time. She went above and beyond to make sure I understood and accessed all of the amazing resources she prepared for me, and she made herself so available for even the tiniest questions without making me feel silly for asking them. I now have a better understanding of my own health and am so much more cognizant of what I put in my body and how I take care of my physical and emotional needs."

-Macy, age 29


"Working with Amelia has been life changing! I have struggled with gut health issues for 2 years. I saw health coaching as a last resort kind of thing, but I wish I would’ve tried this sooner! Amelia worked with me to find the best solutions for my personal sensitivities. She is friendly, approachable, and has a wealth of knowledge! Her holistic approach makes lifestyle changes easily attainable and sustainable. Plus all her interventions are backed by research and science! I truly know I am making changes that are going the impact my health now and benefit me in the future. I have been 3 months symptom free! I still implement the protocols she suggested and often refer to the resources she provides! I am so thankful for Amelia Brown Wellness and would highly recommend to anyone looking for guidance and/ or accountability!!"

-Megan, age 24


"Going grocery shopping with Amelia was enlightening! She was helpful in reading food labels and recognizing ingredients in things that I buy for myself and my young kids! It has totally changed my mindset when I go shopping and I feel much better about what I’m feeding myself and my family!"

- Ivy, age 34


"Amelia was very helpful and supportive of me by quickly addressing the root causes of my GI issues and then putting together a simple plan that I could follow! Her passion for health coaching is obvious from the first interaction and made me feel like I was in great hands! The healthy food companies, meal recommendations, tips/tricks/hacks, and more saved me tons of time digging around the internet and likely tons of $$$ spent with a GI doctor!"

-Grant, age 30


"I got to a point in my life where I could not figure out why I didn’t feel healthy and why I couldn’t lose weight but I had done lots of different diets and had been an active yoga instructor for a while and I really thought I knew what I was doing.  I decided to splurge and treat myself to a nutrition/wellness coach.  After all, my life coach had been a godsend to my mental health and so I thought that maybe this would be a good way to get myself together physically. I got two names and made phone calls to both. Thankfully, as soon as I spoke with Amelia Brown, and I knew that she was the right fit for me. I knew that she was much younger than me. But at 56 years old, I needed a young and healthy approach! Her non-judgemental demeanor and kind attitude, made me want to work with her. We have now been working together for only about a month and a half. We have had several sessions by zoom and we even went grocery shopping together, which was a huge eye-opener for me in finding out about hidden sugars and the healthiest and most ethically raised foods! I have begun to really understand the importance of balancing my meals, avoiding hidden sugars, leaving gluten out of my diet, choosing foods that are ethically raised, making good choices at restaurants and mindfully thinking about food. I can honestly say that I feel 1000 times better, I enjoy grocery shopping, and I have lost 10 pounds! Amelia gives you bite-size nuggets of information, a few at a time, that are easy to put into practice. She does not overwhelm with information, and yet provides you with all the information you need. She follows up after each session with information on supplements, recipes, protocol and encouragement! I am so grateful that I found her, and I feel like I have finally turned the corner in understanding what it means to not let go of the enjoyment of eating, and still be a very healthy and conscientious eater! Thank you so much Amelia for your wisdom, kindness, encouragement and for changing my life so dramatically in such a short period of time!"

-Shannon, age 56



"I reached out to Amelia after being recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I wanted to clean up my diet to help slow the progression of the disease. After the Health Coaching Comprehensive one time consult, I was able to make small changes to what I was eating that have had a real impact on my health and wellbeing. Amelia is patient, kind, professional and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend her."

-Jen, age 41 


" Amelia has helped me become a better version of myself inside and out. I feel more healthy than I have ever felt int he past few months. I am now in control of my health and body. She really knows how to help and has been a wonderful person to have along on my health journey" 

-Madeleine, age 28 

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