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Health & Nutrition Coaching 


If you're ready to...

  • Learn how to fuel and nourish your body through functional nutrition 

  • Create realistic, healthy habits and routines 

  • Balance your blood sugar 

  • Improve energy levels and digestion 

  • Manage a chronic health or autoimmune condition with lifestyle modification 

  • Achieve and sustain weight loss goals 

  • Cultivate a supportive mindset when it comes to your health 

  • Improve your gut health 

  • Adopt wellness practices for health optimization and disease prevention 

  • Stay accountable for all of your health goals and aspirations 

No quick fixes, crash diets or medical advice / diagnoses

Then this is for you...

Free Discovery Call 

No charge, no expectations. Let’s connect and see if we're a good fit.


Initial Consultation, 60 min 

We will take a deep dive into your health history, symptoms, current lifestyle patterns and start creating realistic, attainable goals. 

Follow up appointments, 45 min

I recommend follow up appointments every few weeks for optimal results, pending your needs. During our  follow up appointments, we will assess progress towards goals, address any challenges, and layer in additional modification for long-term, sustainable change and health optimization. Each appointment is followed with a detailed, personalized session notes outlining goals, suggestions, educational handouts and articles, recipes resources, research studies, meal prep and grocery tips + more. 


Ongoing Support & Accountability 

Purchasing a package saves you money, and also allows you access to ongoing support and accountability from me during our time together. As a supportive accountability partner committed to helping you thrive, you will have access to me via messaging on the Practice Better app and email. 

Pricing and packaging info available upon request.

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