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I frequently get asked what non-toxic products and companies I use and like best, so I compiled my favorites in one place. I’ve spent years researching, trialing and switching to safer beauty, grocery and home staples.  I realize that this process can feel overwhelming—my hope is that my research and experience may simplify it for you.


Some of these pages are affiliates, meaning if you purchase them through the link I will make a small commission that helps support my business. Please let me know if you have any questions or need guidance regarding products.


Beautycounter is my top recommendation for high performing and safe skincare, makeup, body and hair care. The company’s mission is focused on education and advocacy for a more transparent beauty industry that prioritizes public health. I’m proud to work with this company directly as a consultant and provide free consultations with samples of products best suited for you. Please reach out via my contact page!

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Another clean brand that I use and love. They have everything from clean skincare to home products. Some of my favorite products include their non-toxic deodorant, diffusing oils, room sprays, candles and palo santo bundles.

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Primal Kitchen is hands down my favorite, most- trusted brand for clean condiments, dressings/marinades, sauces, cooking oils, bars, collagen peptides and frozen bowls/skillets. Most traditional versions of these items are filled with inflammatory vegetable oils, added sugars and other questionable ingredients. Having these staples stocked in my kitchen makes quick, nutritious meals attainable and delicious. My go-tos are the green goddess dressing, lemon turmeric dressing, avocado oil mayo, avocado oil, sugar-free ketchup and pasta sauces.

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I’m obsessed with Drink Sound sparkling tea. They’re delishhh and my go-to recommendation for elevating a soda, kombucha, juice or rose habit. Unsweetened and flavored with organic tea & botanicals, you get all the flavor without the blood sugar spikes, dips and crashes. Drinking soda or sweetened energy drinks for caffeine? Drink Sound has you covered there with natural caffeine from black and green tea extracts. Bonus- they are tested with no detectable PFAs.  My favorite flavors-

1. Blueberry, cinnamon & hibiscus 

2. Rose tea with lime & cardamom 

3. Tangerine, lemongrass & green tea 

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I look forward to a cup of coffee every morning, but am intentional about sourcing because coffee beans are known for being contaminated with pesticides and other toxins (such as Ochratoxin A, Acrylamide, and PAHs). Purity Coffee is my favorite brand, as it is certified organic, sustainably sourced, lab tested and free of pesticides, mycotoxins and mold. Plus it’s delish! 

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When it comes to proteins, quality and responsible sourcing is so important for many reasons- your health, animal welfare, the environment, etc. I buy from local farmers and Butcherbox, a meat subscription service that brings 100% grass-fed/finished beef, free-range organic chicken, pork raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood right to my doorstep. For the quality, price and convenience , you can't beat it! 


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Branch Basics provides my most trusted non-toxic cleaning product for my home. I use their versatile concentrate for everything from cleaning my produce to cleaning my bathrooms. I also use their reusable glass cleaning bottles, dryer balls and scrub brushes. Their website and blog are full of resources and education on how to build a healthy home.

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Thrive Market is an online grocer that sells speciality grocery items and pantry staples at wholesale prices. Think Whole Foods at 25% off, with delivery right to your door. They categorize products for any of your needs: organic, gluten-free, dairy- free, vegan, AIP, etc. They also sell clean home and personal care products. It’s made my busy life easier and definitely saves money in the long run.

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I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting adequate amounts of high quality
protein in, especially at your first meal. This collagen protein powder is my top recommendation to add into smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, coffee, tea, or drink on its’ own to get in an extra 24 g of collagen protein. The taste and texture is amazing (not chalky at all!) and the quality is the best I’ve found: 3 clean ingredients, chemical free extraction, no added sugars, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, unnecessary ingredients.


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I have been on the hunt for the best tasting, cleanest bread option for months, if not years, and I’ve finally found it! AWG Bakery makes delicious breads with wholesome ingredients like organic coconut, almond, arrowroot flours, apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, and maple syrup. No artificial ingredients, excessive sweeteners, and it’s naturally grain free making it better for blood sugar balance and gut health. I suggest trying the sampler pack - the rosemary and cinnaspice breads are amazing. 


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